Experience 605 Main Street
Portage, Pennsylvania 15946

The Historic Pearce Building 

Meet the Tenants

Robert J. Peppetti, DDS

Dr. Peppetti's entrance on Main Street in Portage, PA.

Dr. Peppetti has served the Portage and surrounding communities at this location for many years.  He holds the community dental needs in high regard and in turn he is beloved by  patience of all ages. His Portage office is on the second floor of the Pearce Building, 605 Main Street, telephone 814-736-3600. His Cresson office is at 309 Powell Avenue, Cresson, Pennsylvania 16630, telephone  814-886-5000.

Portage Area Food Pantry

Portage Food Pantry entrance on 605 Main Street, Portage, PA. Opens one day a month.

Helping the Community.  The Portage Food Pantry at 605 Main St is dedicated to the community residents and their needs.  In these harsh economic times, stepping up efforts to address the issue of food for families is the sole activity for the Food Pantry.  Open for pickups one day a month, the program is part of the State of Pennsylvania's food for families outreach. Food Donation Drop-Off as well as cash donations are truly and sincerely appreciated.  Neighbors helping neighbors makes a difference in Portage. We invite you to learn more and lend your support.  Contact Bertha at 814-736-8612 or Jim at 814-421-0346 for more information and application details. 

One Good Turn Dance Company

One Good Turn Dance Company entrance on Main Street, Portage, PA.

Dance, Arobics, Competition

At One Good Turn Dance Company, we are a family-oriented dance school that is an important part of the Portage community. We provide quality dance instructions to all ages and abilities and look forward to creating a love of dance in every student. We encourage self-esteem, inner discipline and respect for one's self and others. We provide a positive, caring, professional environment encouraging the growth of well-trained and confident dancers. We consistently win awards in competitions. Contact us at 814-931-9136 or email onegoodturndance@gmail.com.